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PhD Programme in Chemical and Material Sciences

The PhD course in Chemical and Material Sciences  is embodied in the PhD School of Sciences and Innovative Technologies. 

The programme aims at training creative and competent scientists in the fields of chemistry and material science through the developement of a solid theoretical background and original research skills. The design, synthesis, characterization and properties of new molecules and materials strongly demand sophisticated scientists at PhD level of education, bridging the gap between academy and industry. The research projects are related to many of the priority themes of the European Research Council (ERC) and the tutors have important collaborations at the international level with academy and industry. These collaborations are essential for keeping a top research level, but also they represent valid career opportunities for the PhD students at the end of the formation period.


PhD Course The “Energy Principle” in Green Chemistry Prof. E. Quadrelly University of Lyon


11-12 May 2017 14:00-16:00 Via Giuria 7 Aula Diagonale

The “Energy Principle” in Green Chemistry is 25 year-old and…

Elsje Alessandra Quadrelli - Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1

Crystallography School 2017

The School is organized in modules optional. The course enrollment is mandatory. At the end of each module, the students will receive a certificate of attendance (1 credit = 4 hours), subject to a verification.  The language will be English or Italian on request. The final program and forms for registration are published in the website www.CrisDi.unito.it. The detailed programme is available at the following link. For any further information please refer to P. Benna (piera.benna@unito.it).

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